Do you care about YOUR pub's future? We do!

How will your community cope when your local pub has gone forever? Around 20 pubs close forever in the UK every week and this national tragedy is deepening! Britain's pubs have become run down, dilapidated, and are now being abandoned en masse, because of decades of chronic underinvestment by giant private equity driven pubco freeholders.

Good Pubs are like glue to good communities… good pubs provide a sense of belonging, a strong and sustained community. They are places to meet, to make friends. Good pubs are about people, about neighbourhood and about people's very way of life. Without good pubs communities are diminished and once they're gone, they've gone forever.

Good pubs have never been about excessive short-term profits. Good pubs are for the long term. Like any business, pubs must be profitable and continually re-invested in if they are to thrive. But, first and foremost in order to thrive, pubs must be about people, and for too long they have been used only to extract profit and pass it to remote private equity owners who don't give a hoot about people, community or sustainability.

In 2013 PPP will launch the world's largest ever crowd funding exercise. We'll raise £ millions of community capital and hit the ground running as the strongest, hippest, most savvy and fastest growing people owned social enterprise in the UK.

If you want to help save Britain's pubs from pubco oblivion you can be part of the People's Pub Partnership and be part of the dynamic force for change this country so desperately needs to save our pubs for generations to come. Together we can, quite simply, radically change what's happening to pubs all over the UK. It's not rocket science... pubs need investment. And together we, thousands of us, can provide that.

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