WHO is behind the People's Pub Partnership?

A committed group of professional publicans with extensive sector experience who know the problems pubs endure when owned by faceless private equity corporations led by bosses earning a million a year for putting up rent and beer prices all over the UK while selling their buildings off for alternative use as they fall into rack and ruin.

2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives. This year has been used to create a uniquely powerful coalition, a revolutionary force for change to focus in on driving positive change in Britain's pub industry. We've been working in the background with community projects like this one: www.ivyhousenunhead.com
Supported by a wide range of individuals, institutions and organisations expert in historic building preservation, co-operative and employee ownership practice; sustainable and low environmental impact business; local and regional craft brewing, food production and green transport supply chain logistics – who are all deeply concerned by the cultural crisis facing Britain's pub sector - this is the People's Pub Partnership.

In 2013 YOU will be able to join our national PPP pub revolution!